Put your gladrags on and join me hun (As in Attila The), ‘cause it’s time to rock around the clock tonight and read a sometimes amusing but always silly weekly recap that’ll turn a five minute episode into like five hours of reading! This week Weiss suffers many fools, Ruby takes a leaf of out of Lenin’s book, Professor Port has some pun, and JNPR appears for five seconds but I milk that appearance for all its worth. That’s how we roll. Click the Read More below to check it out, and click on this Masterpost of the previous recaps link if you want to catch up!

How’s everyone doing? Good weather? Awesome to hear. As always, thanks for reading and liking and reblogging and commenting and sacrificing virgin goats to give me strength for the coming Darkhallow. Instead of traditional outtake posts I’ve been doing comic-y things called the Greatest RWBY Plot Twists Which Totally Happened, and there’s two so far y’all should give a look at. They’re fun. I like them.

On the previous episode of RWBY… where do I even start? Ruby and Weiss hitched a ride on a giant evil bird, then Ruby ended up in a tree with Jaune and no one made a K-I-S-S-I-N-G joke not even me so here we are a week later and let’s just move on. Nora absolutely stole the episode from the start, and continued on to do so while Yang kinda freaked out. Jaune saved Weiss from falling, Pyrrha got initiated into the gang by way of Pete the giant scorpion slapping her, and then Ruby went up against Pete in a great non screencapped battle that ended with her being pinned by the giant evil bird’s feathers. She was saved, however, by Weiss Schnee, the two burying their hatchets to prepare for the fight scene to come. And man, that was a fight scene all right. Like. Wow. And the song playing in it is literally playing on repeat as I type this up. So awesome. End result? Pete gets booped, the giant evil bird gets Ruby’d, and teams RWBY, JNPR and CRDL (Certainly not important. Ignore ‘em) got formed afterwards. Oh, and Torchwick’s up to no good. I predict he will get away with it too, if not for these meddling kids… 

Anyways, put down GTA5, stop wondering if Beckett will say yes next week, and dry your Breaking Bad-related tears for a moment, ‘cause it’s recap time! This week’s episode kicks off with Weiss waking up the morning after the initiation aka the third day of her magical adventure at Beacon.

Unfortunately for her, it turns out that no, it wasn’t a dream, and Ruby’s got a whistle. A loud whistle. A leader’s whistle.

Ruby has taken on the mantle of leader with great, enthusiastic, Ruby-ish gusto. That she manages to do it while wearing her cape with the Beacon school uniform is the real impressive part here. Weiss, however, is less impressed with the rude post-awakening awakening.

Ruby’s first mission as leader is to decorate Team RWBY’s shared dorm room. Weiss of course tries to appeal to Blake and Yang to stop the madness and let her nap for a few more hours, but the two are already converted to Ruby’s way of life.

Quick visual shoutouts as seen in these two shots. Yang is holding Ruby’s headphones from Ep 1, Weiss’s dust pamphlet from Ep 2, Ruby’s pillow from Ep 3, Blake’s candelabra from Ep 3, Pyrrha’s shield, Nora’s hairbrush, and one of the chess piece relics, as well as what looks like a couple of bottles, a picture frame and some books. In Blake’s suitcase is another red bottle thingie, her book from Ep 3, and toothpaste (as made by Schnee Corp) and a toothbrush used by Nora and Ren respectively in Ep 4. Well, hopefully not used by them, but hey, who knows. I feel as though Blake and Yang being merciless hoarders and kleptomaniacs should be a thing. I’ll make it a thing, just not this week, promise. Meanwhile, Weiss having perfect bitch faces is still a thing:

Also, can I just say it’s goddamn adorable that Blake goes along with all the dorkness. Chick was pretty aloof to start off, but now that she’s stuck on the crazy train she might as well start Banza’ing. Good for her! I approve.

Cue the montage for decoration and the like. Yang and Weiss contribute artwork, Weiss’s being a painting of a similar looking forest as seen in the Black Trailer (I’m sure Blake took one look at that and went, “Good times. /sarcasm.”), and Yang’s being the least sneakiest but still the coolest shoutout ever to Achievement Hunter.

No duh. Blake’s job involves packing like three shelves’s worth of books, probably all hers. Which leads to this, a furthering of Blake being a normal teenage dork that again, I so approve of. 

MVP for this week goes to Blake’s look there, easily, with Stalin’s ghost a close second. Like, stupidly close. Flipped a coin and everything. Risking death by ghost communism in making this public. #TheStalinStruggle.

Back in recapland, Ruby’s biggest contribution to the process is hanging a curtain with her scythifle. I mean, I used my crossbow-axe to put together an Ikea cabinet the other week, so I get it. Sometimes, accidents do happen, however.

The job done, RWBY admires their handiwork.

But then, Ruby has a brainwave!

Weiss is against the idea because of the danger, Blake is for the efficiency and Yang has always struck me as a bunk bed person (Calling it: Season 8 she ends up in prison) so she approves. But if pressed for more reasons for their vote?

The vote goes against Weiss, and construction occurs.

Man, the Fresh Prince knew what was up back in the day. Oh, and Weiss’ll no doubt be killed by Ruby’s bed falling from the canopy there, while Blake’ll end up dislodging Yang’s when she goes to grab a book. Bet on it. Anywaysaways, the second order of business for Ruby’s new regime is classes!

But it turns out they’re first class is in five minutes! Cue another excellent Weiss Face (© ® (™))

As Weiss runs to class, the dorm room across the hall opens and JNPR appear! Remember those guys? Two guys and two girls sharing a dorm together, coed, all sitcom-y fun. Team Double Date Nights Forever, forever! I mean, we don’t know if they’re separated within the dorm or whatever, and it’d be interesting to see. I am becoming more curious on team dynamics outside the main two pairings, at the very least Jaune/Ren awkwardly bromancing it up while Nora and P-Money have girl talk about grenade launchers and stuff. Next ep, maybe. Fingers crossed for next ep.

And since their name’s in the recap title now, I have to milk this single little moment some. And milk I shall!

Best I could do. Why JNPR wasn’t ready to go to class is another mystery entirely, but it’s probable that Jaune just didn’t read a class schedule. Because it’s Jaune! Soon enough, all eight students are sprinting across the campus, while Ozpin and Glynda look on.

They get there on time, or at least on time enough to slide into the front row of the classroom.

So the first class at Beacon is a class on monsters. Makes sense. Much more interesting lectures to watch than Calculus or whatever, though I’m sure Calculus at Beacon ends with having to differentiate a parabola of Nevermores currently pecking at your midsection. Monster study power hour is taught by this guy.

Professor Peter Port is a guy. I like him. Dude hangs an axe/blunderbuss weapon on the classroom wall and likes to tell stories about his younger days, and does it with a severe amount of gusto. Common speculation is that his fairy tale inspiration is the story Peter and the Wolf, due to the reference to both his grandfather and the capture of a Beowolf. Though some folk have speculated he’s based off the Little Red Riding Hood’s Hunter/Lumberjack, or even to The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the boy of which is also sometimes named Peter. Dude’s got it all, so who knows. Port is voiced by Ryan Haywood, the mad genius with an animal thing of Roosterteeth who works primarily for the Achievement Hunter side of things but also did work on the technical side of things back in the Red Vs Blue animated scene days. The mad genius with an animal thing part comes across through Port, just a bit, and it’s just a delicious performance overall. I’d pegged Ryan to voice Cardin Winchester, actually, and who knows that might still happen, but that is making me curious about the CRDL roles. 

Anyways, Port’s lecture essentially boils down to this in the beginning:

He makes a reference in his speech about Vale being one of four kingdoms, which was alluded to from the start of Episode 1 with the shot of the Vytal world map. I am fairly curious about the other three kingdoms and how they differ to what little of Vale we’ve seen so far, but right now it’s kinda like Beacon is Hogwarts and the other areas are Beauxbatons and Durmstrang; we’ll learn about them when they’re relevant and might not even visit them, but who knows. I’d like to. Hell, we’d all like to! Season 4 make it happen. Ruby Rose and the Goblet Of Fire (Another situation she must solve with her wits. And the scythifle. Suck on that, Harry Potter).

The best reaction to Port’s speech goes to a random student who makes a very happy fistpump noise, one that would be very familiar to any listeners of the Internet Box Podcast (Featuring a number of RT employees and community members, but the most familiar names on there to RWBY-only fans would be Lindsay, Barbara and Kerry’s).

Kerry Shawcross, series writer/director/guy who does stuff, distant Hobbit cousin, and lapsed parkour artist does the imitation of Andrew’s second-favourite noise, and while I doubt this guy will appear again, until them I’m going to consider him part of Team WALL. And hope he shows up every season doing that noise, the RWBY equivalent of a Wilheim Scream. For kicks.

Anyways, back to the meat. Port talks some. Standard stuff: he’s done some stuff, monsters are bad, puns. The latter’s me, my gift to the RWBY fandom, because hey, we all love our puns.

Ruby’s attention wanders - some people have wondered why she’d come this far to Beacon only to space out in theory classes, but yeah, I’m not shocked. She’s Ruby Rose. She’s literally cut off every possible version of a limb that can be cut off with Crescent Rose. Monster theory first day is just boring! - and she draws a nice picture to entertain her team. Good Guy Leader Ruby.

Port’s lecture takes a leaning towards what a true Huntsman and Huntress must be. Honourable, dependable, smart, and some other stuff. Ruby continues to slack off, and Weiss gets mad. Screencap montage of it!

And so, to cap off the episode, Port asks if anyone amongst them considers themselves the very picture of a true Hunter. Guess what happens next!

No okay Weiss volunteers herself as the bestest Huntress ever, but either way the intent was clear: Ruby sucks, Weiss rules. 

Yes, it’s time for Weiss to go up against a captured creature, speculated by folk to be a Boarbatusk simply because we haven’t met one in person yet. Many more suspect it’s a cow monster. I’m gonna go with whatever. And make this joke:

So ends the episode. An interesting one, funny and energetic, but it’s what it’s building to next week that’s the meat here. First off, the title of the episode is The Badge And The Burden, and since neither of those things has come into play in this ep, next week amirite! The POV seems to have shifted a bit to Weiss instead of Ruby or Jaune, and I think that might stick for the next ep, presumably a Part Two. The title makes me think that next ep’s going to go down as follows: Weiss fights monster/gets out of fighting said monster, JNPR maybe comments from the back row and chills out, and then Ruby is pinned on blame or commented against for letting one of her charges get into the situation in the first place and not really taking the leadership thing that far. Might involve a literal leader badge, and the burden with it may be in reference to Ruby revealing that she’s more nervous than it looks about it all, and she tells Weiss this fact. Resentment over Ruby being leader may melt away and be replaced with an offer to help each other out in this. Build the friendship and stuff. Maybe.

What comes after that is the real question. I mean, if that’s all next week or at least the drama part of it with the resolve pushed back another chapter (two eps), then the chapter after that would involve more classes fun? An examination on Ruby trying to make the team even closer to avoid feeling like a failure? A comparison to the leadership skills of Jaune or like Cardin Winchester while doing so? Essentially the character arc of the next seven episodes is going to be defined by this coming one, I think, and big plot stuff like Torchwick or whatever will be used as a tool for that and advancement of things outside of Beacon in prep for Volume 2 shenanigans. It’s a weird feeling that we’re more than halfway done with the first run of episodes (And recaps for that matter. Feels like years under my belt. I’ve seen things and done things. Weird things.), but I’m just plain excited as I am speculative. How about all of you? Any crazy predictions?

On that note, this has been the RWBYJNPR Recap. Usual RWBY hangouts are here: RWBY ForumsRWBY TVTropes pageRWBY subredditRWBY wikithe RWBY thread on Roosterteeth.comand also starring the RWBY tumblr tag. Don’t forget about the Masterpost too, which’ll always be updated and available from following the link. Also, anyone think something’s missing from the links as far as RWBY-heavy discussion threads/forums/sites? Give me a shout wherever you can find me - here, RT site, RWBYForums, Twitter - and I’ll check ‘em out for the link dump.

See you all same time next week, and thanks for reading! When the clock strikes twelve we’ll cool off then, start rockin’ ‘round the clock again.

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