RWBY Recap! There’s not much in the way of anything to talk about, discussion-wise, for the short but sweet Episode Five: The First Step, Part 2, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a dozen extra screencaps to fill the void! A new episode of RWBY hits tomorrow, and will hit hard, and so now y’all can will the time away by reading the recap (Or hey, you can check out the Ep 4 recap too, if you missed it or any related Ep 4 screencap content). Just click the Read More below and enjoy! Cool? Cool cool cool.

Usual round of thank yous to the folk who read the other recaps and enjoyed them, and helped spread it around and stuff by reblogging screencaps or the recap itself. I’m having fun making these and eager for folk to see ‘em, and for those that have been hanging around for a few weeks, for y’all to keep enjoying them. Welp, I’m getting sentimental and we’re only five episodes in. Too much vodka before writing these things, whoops!

Previously, on RWBY, we were introduced to childhood friends and part-time sloth enthusiasts Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren, the former plotting to make sure they end up on a Hunter team together. And while Yang tried to encourage Ruby away from making a team with her, Weiss took to campaigning Pyrrha Nikos, a famous young Huntress as nice as a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, for Team Weiss Power (Name pending). Pyrrha was more than happy to go along with it - and oblivious to Weiss’s evil faces - and similarly wanted to team up with Jaune, who of course spent most of his screentime failing at life. This trend continued into the last scene of the episode, where Professor Ozpin - probably not evil, just a troll - launched his students off of Portal-style landing pads into the Emerald Forest. It’s there that the students will partner up, retrieve a relic from the other end of the forest, and bring it back. Somehow, the teams of four will be decided from this! Yay! Though Blake didn’t appear at all in the ep, so boooo. Nah, just joshin’.

And so, as Ozpin sits back and enjoys the show while Glynda tries to solve a particularly hard puzzle on Angry Birds, Episode Five begins!

The first character we see is a bird. A bird with secrets and depth, no doubt.

But the bird gets hit with a projectile Ruby before his arc can play out. Whoops.

Ruby’s landing strategy is to use Crescent Rose’s gun mode to slow her momentum, then do a little scythe hookin’ on trees trick.

We see Weiss next, gracefully skipping across the sky with some dusty magic hopping step thingies, a technique we saw her use in her trailer. Ahh, her trailer. So beautiful. The innocent!Weiss times.  

See? Innocent!Weiss is overrated. This Weiss is hardcore.

Meanwhile, Lie Ren’s strategy is to spiral down a tree using his gun blades thingies. Good on him.

No sloth calls, actually; instead, Ren looks to the sky as he hears Yang shooting through the air. And it’s damn impressive, essentially propelling herself forward with her gauntlets as far into the forest as she can. 

Hers is a very neat trick for the sake of actual progression, and if some of the fandom’s theory that she’s wearing the aviators to block eye contact until she choose to plays out, this makes her feel like a very pragmatic character. If not, just showin’ off. Either one.

Next up is Pyrrha, who bashes through several trees with her freaking shield and spear, and then is… bah, just amazing. Whips her spear into a freakin’ hunting rifle.

And her target?

Pyrrha, taking pity or because of her huge honkin’ crush on the guy, saves Jaune from Death’s actually quite warm fingers with a little of this:

This whole opening sequence was about a minute long, and of pure movement and action, it’s gotta be favourite of the show proper so far. Endlessly rewatchable. I said back in the Episode One recap that there was no way to really recap action scenes, but hey, I seemed to have done it anyway, just ‘cause, I mean, damn, this was a slick minute of fun. Pyrrha’s alone just makes me grin. It feels like a shallow thing to suddenly feel more attached to a character because of their cool weapon, but Pyrrha’s wins as my favourite next to Weiss’s Myrtenaster.

Actually, I can recap action moments like this one because it’s a bit of a character thing. Like, I mentioned Yang’s above, and we see Pyrrha’s first instinct is to use her weapon to help Jaune. Ruby’s felt like the most death-defying stunt of all of them, and might play in to the recklessness of her character; then Weiss was a lot more cool and focused than temperamental as she did her hopping thing, an interesting contrast; and Ren was all mellow as can be after an efficient descent, dusting off his sleeves and all when he landed. Little things that matter.

Anyways, Ruby lands in the forest to no incident. She wants to find Yang to be her partner, of course, but decides she’d settle for anyone she actually knows.

Okay so maybe she doesn’t really know that many people. Shoutout to the Roosterteeth Animated Adventures too, the style of which was replicated for Ruby’s thought bubbles. Also, that’ll be the only appearance of Blake this week, which, while a shame, only makes me more anticipate-y. 

And so, of course, as many predicted and I kinda said, “Yeah probably but who knows it might not be!”, Ruby skids into the eyeline of Weiss Bread. To Ruby’s immense credit and the fluttering of my cold black heart, her first instinct isn’t to dismiss or bemoan the situation. Instead, we get this glimpse of adorableness.

Weiss just stares.

Then pivots, and leaves. Shocker.

Weiss, having abandoned Ruby, proceeds through the forest and sees an even more undesirable option.

Jaune can only awkwardly wave while she pivots, and leaves. Shocker.

And as Weiss makes her decision to head back and partner up with Ruby, she cannot help but remember the day before/two recaps ago…

Turns out she can’t go through with it. She’s doomed now. She doesn’t realise it. She won’t for a while. But she is going to be best friends with Ruby Rose. And it’s going to be beautiful.

As Team Pink/Lightish Red/Candycane/Half-Sunburnt Albino Person trounces off for adventures and best friend initiation rituals - knowing Weiss, it might involve lava - Jaune is left all by himself.

And he don’t wanna be alllllll byyyyyy himmmmsssseeeellllllffffffff. Great song.

But he does not have to suffer! For she who emerges from the bushes looking for him - and probably her spear, more likely - is none other than Pyrrha Nikos aka the MVP in this episode. She keeps this up and she can join Blake and Melanie in the “greatest characters evar” club. 

These two have honestly the cutest little exchange ever. The music goes all soft and romantic-y. She teases him. He yeah yeah’s it. They make eye contact. Partnerified.

And also, I can imagine that in the alternate universe where Juane Arc, Jaune Arc’s Spanish Cousin lives - remember him, from Ep 2?

Him. Right, I can imagine that in the alternate universe where he’s attending Beacon instead of Jaune, Juane will have found his own Spanish Pyrrha, henceforth named… P-Taco. And their exchange would be cute too, though illegible to an actual Spanish reader.

Back to Ruby and Weiss for the final scene of the episode, with Weiss threatening Ruby with bad grades and perhaps regretting her decision not to partner up with a hedgehog or something.

Ruby, eager to please, shows off her skills.

Ruby does make a good point about Weiss needing to get over the socially awkward Ruby part and wait for the badass Ruby part come out before making final judgements. She’s earnest, that one. The ice prison around Weiss’s heart melts, though a full breakout might take as long as it took Andy in the Shawshank Redemption. And hey, Weiss has a friend named Red, kinda! Analogy works. Or it does because I may be near enough but not necessarily drunk at 2pm in the afternoon. Yay it works!

This is basically what Ruby’s little speech looks like if you mute it and stuff:

Oh, and also this:

She can show you the world. Gun combo weapons everywhere. Et cetera! A million captions and more! I kinda really love that people jump on the meme making thing when a pic like this comes up. It’s fun. It also does help motivate me to make jokes you haven’t seen yet to keep the recaps fresh. Fresh as, like, pizza left in the fridge for about five days fresh - you know, not quite gone yet but only smells a bit and tastes great when you’re hungover so what the hell right - but still!

Weiss is left alone after Ruby does her disappearing act thing, probably so she can get into position to kill the beasts that have appeared in the area. Evil, angry beasts. The red eyes were a dead giveaway, really. 

And, unfortunately, we’re left with a bit of a tease to close out…

Interesting to note is that this is the first time Weiss actually uses Ruby’s name, while in distress and stuff. I dunno why that stood out to me; maybe I keep expecting her to call Ruby a peasant or something else. But yeah, it’s cool.

Also, that Beowolf - and it is a Beowolf, as in the creatures from the Red trailer, just with a neat redesign - tease means one thing: next ep, some heads are gonna roll. Ruby and Weiss action scene! I’d love me some of that. Actually, I’m going to guess next ep is one of the unsplit ones. If you’ll recall, or if you don’t know, Volume One of Season One is 10 chapters of twelve-minute episodes or so. Episode One was Chapter One, Episode Two and Three were Chapter Two et cetera. Naming convention supports this, what with the “Part 2” in Ep 3 and Ep 5. There are sixteen episodes from those ten chapters. I think next ep’s going to be a full chapter episode, detailing the rest of the forest trip. Feels like a good time for it, climax wise, though it depends on how the Volume One story plays out. A nice meaty adventure for Ruby and Weiss, and maybe a bit of Yang and Blake teaming up, ‘cause they will, would be lovely. And if we meet the other two bros glimpsed last week, bonus!

Oh, and also, now that the students are doing some actual school work, let’s check out some report cards! As written by Professor Ozpin, the most trollish cane guy since Gregory House, assessing their progress so far and from what we’ve seen. Check ‘em out all in a row! These might warrant their own separate posts as time goes on, but some of these use inside jokes to the recap, and I like to keep that consistent, so. Enjoy!

Assessment 1.1: Landing Strategies.

And for Assessment 1.2: Partnershipping:

And that’s all for this week, folks!

Thanks for reading the RWBY Recap. My head is pounding and I’m craving a burrito of some kind, and after I do that I might check out the usual link dump, and you all should too! RWBY ForumsRWBY TVTropes pageRWBY subredditRWBY wikithe RWBY thread on  and RWBY tumblr tag if you ever forget where it is. Happy RWBY Final Twenty-Four Hour Window Day/Night! Vodka for everybody! Of legal drinking age. Tequila for those underage. Only fair.

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